Rank High in Google SERP Rank [SEO Link Building]

Rank High in Google SERP Rank [SEO Link Building]

How to rank 1 in Google SERP Rank [SEO Link Building]I always wondered about Rank High in Google SERP Rank [SEO Link Building], so i have been seeing few post of SEO Link Building, How to rank 1 in Google and SERP Rank.

What I can say is – SEO is about PATIENCE. For example, some website we would see the SERP in a one week time for some website it take 30 to 40 days, so keep your work going sure will see the SERP improvement.

So today, i will show you what i learned from INTERNET about SEO and how to get high rank in Google. Blew is the basic strategy method.

SEO Link Building

Part I : (MANUAL – I always do  as manually)

So as I said do it manually to avoid Black Hat SEO and penalty from GooGle. (web2.0, doc share, video share are listed end of the post)


Take a unique article and re-write is to 10 article. I got succeed with spun(manual) article, I can see in the forum few wont recommend(I left it to reader choice).

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Web 2.0:

SEO Link Building

Web 2.0 are publisher type sites that allow its users to create their pages with a unique URL. These sites include Social Bookmarking sites, Social Media Platforms, and Video Sharing.

  1. Post the 10 re-written article in 10 web 2.0 websites. (liste of web 2.0 with high PA and DA in the end of the post)
  2. You can target 2 different keywords here 1 article.
  3. Insert a Picture in between the articles.
  4. Use YouTube video related to your content.

Document Sharing:

  1. Insert 1 HYPERLINK in the Article.
  2. Convert the article to PDF and PowerPoint.
  3. Post it in Document Sharing websites.
  4. Try to use different Title, Keywords, Description(can have your website URL in the description)

Video Sharing:

Create a video, it will be better to have more the 2:00 min video length and post it to YouTube and other video sharing websites like daylimotion ….
Note : Try to use different Title, Keywords, Description

Social Sharing:

Never do bulk, for example :
Google +1 – 5 Share /day for 1 month.
Twitter Retweet – 20/day for 1 month.
Facebook Share – 20/day for 1 month.
Pinterest Image sharing – 5/day 1 month.

Comment (Manual):

SEO Link BuildingThis technique is worth, just add blog comments or High PR forum profiles which gives insane results.
Things to do after Tire 1(helpful for Indexing):
1. Google+ shares – Tire 1 links
2. Twitter Re-tweets – Tire 1 links
3. Social Bookmarking – Tire 1 links

Part II (I use Senukex) :

Use Spun content. I usually download it from Ezine and will spun it(Auto Spun)
Use 1 link in the article. Keep General and related keyword, avoid using exact keywords.
Post it in Social Networking site(BuddyPress, Phpfox, Jcow)

Part III (I use Scrapebox):

You can Download Crack Scrapebox here

Things to avoid:

Better use unique content. Never use AUTO SPUN CONTENT to TIRE 1
Dont use too many anchors in article

Penguin safe:

You should use Naked URL
Use your brand name as Anchor
Do not forget to use General Keywords – Click here, get more info, check out this


Wait for few days to all your link get index, there will be SERP improvement for sure.
Repeat the step with new keywords.

If any advice given and if its worth I will edit the post to give maximum benefit to the readers.

“Credit goes to BHW where I got learned.”

Web 2.0 : Click Here
Document Share List: Here

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